Bare Figures in a nutshell.

Bare Figures enables you to look at quarterly data of major companies through interactive, easy-to-use charts.

Interactive, customizable, easy-to-use charts

Using and interacting with the charts is pretty easy. For instance, you can click on a legend item to toggle its visibility and by clicking and dragging you can zoom in on a particular time frame you’re interested in. The charts are also fully functional on tablets and smartphones.

Curated, hand-picked data

All data is collected manually by searching and scanning companies’ financial archives. Changes and amendments to past quarters are constantly being incorporated in the current data sets. Bare Figures wants to give you the most accurate and relevant numbers.

Downloadable charts and data

You can download every chart as an image or get its raw data as CSV or XLS. All chart downloads and exports are licensed under the CC BY 4.0 license, that means you can easily use them in your next article, presentation, etc.

Open to Feedback

Do you miss a feature, a company or a company’s data set which you think would be awesome to see on Bare Figures? Did you spot an error in one of the charts? I’m always open to feedback and I want to improve this website to make it more useful for you. Don’t hesitate to contact me or to open a GitHub issue if you have questions, ideas, requests or complaints.

Support Bare Figures

I created this website in my spare time spending several hundreds of hours developing and maintaining it throughout the years. Please consider supporting me (either monetary or socially) by using one of these fine services: