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  • Do you know how awesome your site is for math teachers looking to engage students with real world data?

  • Fantastic tool by Francesco Schwarz for visualizing Apple unit sale and revenue growth over the past decade.

  • Sometimes you have to see things to truly appreciate their magnitude. […] The chart above, which comes from Francesco Schwarz […] shows how unusual this quarter was for Apple.

  • Simply wonderful […]. Great stuff by Francesco Schwarz.

  • […] Francesco Schwarz has generated an online solution for those looking to dig deeper into Apple’s data. And it’s nothing short of beautiful: A series of graphs […] that displays out all of the key details of Apple's quarterly statements […].

  • Bare Figures serves as a great tool to Apple’s sales figures and product performance at-a-glance, not just as a way to plot performance graphs.

  • Take a look at the excellent interactive infographic provided by Bare Figures […].

  • Apple’s quarter results visualized.

  • A nifty new tool displays Apple’s financial information in a variety of ways, including comparing its profits and revenues with rivals like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon.

  • If you’re looking to easily track and visualize Apple’s financial performance from quarter to quarter, Francesco Schwarz has put together an interactive chart that you can play around with to see how Apple has done over the past decade.

  • Apples Quartalsergebnisse hübsch visualisiert.

  • […] the data is presented in such a beautiful web app. It takes some fairly complex data sets and presents them in a really simple, clear and interactive way.

  • Terrific site for Apple’s quarterly figures.

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