Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Bare Figures?

Bare Figures is a side project of me, Francesco Schwarz. I’m a front-end developer living and working in Munich, Germany, since 2013.

What was the initial motivation for developing Bare Figures?

After Apple’s impressive first quarter results of 2012 – remember? –, I started looking for a handy overview of the long-term development that has led to the current state. I couldn’t find one so I decided to make one myself.

What technologies does Bare Figures use?

Bare Figures runs on ProcessWire, an open source content management framework. If you are a developer in search or in need of a powerful, scalable, simple-to-use framework, this is it. The charts are being rendered by Highcharts.

Can I download the charts and use them for articles, presentations, etc.?

Yes, all chart downloads and exports are licensed under the CC BY 4.0 license.

How do you collect the data?

All data is collected manually by searching and scanning companies’ financial archives.

Is all data 100 % accurate? Can I rely on content on Bare Figures?

No. This has several reasons:

  • Companies’ quarterly reports get revised from time to time (of course I update the data every time I notice amendments).
  • Sometimes it’s not possible to exactly reconstruct certain values e.g. because they are only listed in the annual report and not in the single quarter reports.
  • Because of rounding issues I very rarely have to adjust certain values to e.g. get to the final revenues or net income value.
  • I’m a human being, I make mistakes.

Make sure to carefully read the disclaimer in the legal notice. But rest assured that I try to give you the most accurate data that I can get and I try to make as few mistakes as possible.

How can I support Bare Figures?

You can donate money via Flattr, PayPal or TransferWise, or just spread the word about Bare Figures. Any kind of support is greatly appreciated.

Support Bare Figures

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