Switching from fiscal to calendar quarters

Bare Figures doesn’t use fiscal quarters anymore.

Since companies tend to not match their fiscal quarters to real calendar quarters, I want to normalize the quarter labels across the whole website. Just to give you a few examples:

  • Apple’s first fiscal quarter is the fourth calendar quarter of the prior year.
  • BlackBerry’s first fiscal quarter is the second calendar quarter of the prior year. Also: Quarters are shifted backwards by one month, so BlackBerry’s first calendar quarter in a chart really spans from December to February (see discussion). I know, it’s crazy.

I think using calendar quarters for every company makes it easier to comprehend what quarter basis is used on Bare Figures and makes it also easier to compare single quarters between companies. The fiscal quarters of all companies except for Apple and BlackBerry already did correspond to calendar quarters, so I had to change the data sets for only those two companies.

If fiscal quarters don’t correspond to calendar quarters there is a note underneath every chart to bring this fact to your attention.

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