Reboot 2015

Bare Figures gets a major update.

For a couple of years now I thought deeply about updating Bare Figures, both technically and from a design perspective. And for almost the same period of time I worked (every now and then, if I could spare time) to transform these thoughts into reality. Today you see the initial result of that work.

So, what exactly has been updated?

  • In the backend Bare Figures now makes full use of the exceptional powerful content management framework ProcessWire. (I used PW before, too, but the implementation prior to this update was rather ordinary.) Now the general backend architecture and data model structure is much more sophisticated.
  • It is now easily possible to have hundreds, if not thousands, of companies on Bare Figures and still be able to manage them logistically without any problem. Long story short, Bare Figures now scales pretty smoothly.
  • Companies change their reporting scheme from time to time. Sometimes these changes are small, sometimes they are pretty big and require major alterations in the way the data is entered in the backend. Prior to the update reacting to such big changes was always pretty annoying and hard to manage. Now the system is flexible enough to easily react even to big changes in quarterly reports.
  • The design of Bare Figures is new, but nowhere near finished. It’s a starting point and I will try to gradually improve it and make the interactions on the website and with the charts better and more comprehensible. Although the website is fully responsive and is also usable on smartphones and tablets I will try to improve the mobile (touch) experience over time, too.
  • You can now open an issue on GitHub if you have problems or requests regarding Bare Figures. This is also an attempt to make it more transparent to you which companies will be added soon.
  • It is now possible to get the raw data of every chart by downloading the corresponding CSV and XLS file.
  • At the end of every page you now see a big “Support Bare Figures” section to remind you that I created this website in my spare time and offer you all of its content for free. You can donate money via Flattr, PayPal or TransferWise and you can engage with me socially via Twitter, Facebook and GitHub. Any kind of support is greatly appreciated!

All in all I’m pretty excited about this new update and watching Bare Figures getting more and more mature with every new update makes me happy. Many more companies will be added soon, too. I hope you enjoy!

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