Hello, Facebook and Tesla Motors

I added two new companies to Bare Figures: Facebook and Tesla Motors.

The detailed data sets about Facebook’s user base are certainly among the most interesting. You can quickly see how many daily or monthly active users the Facebook ecosystem has and you can get information about specific user geographies like Europe or Asia-Pacific.

Facebook’s monthly active users worldwide.

Facebook’s daily active users in the United States and Canada.

Facebook’s advertising revenue by user geography.

Tesla Motors is special since it is the first non-computer-technology or non-internet company on Bare Figures. I’m still figuring out how to best present data about the vehicles Tesla produces and delivers. For now I have listed the total number of delivered vehicles of the Model S series. You can also get insights in the usual financial data like revenues and net income, but also Tesla’s property, plant and equpiment numbers.

Tesla’s delivered vehicles of the Model S series.

Tesla’s property, plant and equipment numbers.

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