Revenues by geography(as percentage of revenues)

Revenues by category(as percentage of revenues)

Unit shipments(comparing BlackBerry handheld devices with PlayBook tablets)

Unit shipments growth(comparing BlackBerry handheld devices and PlayBook tablets)


Side notes

  • Before Q1/12 the “Hardware” revenues category was called “Devices”.
  • “United Kingdom” was listed as a separate geographical category since Q1/08.

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Average selling price (ASP)
ASP is computed by dividing revenues by unit sales.
Earnings per share (EPS)
EPS are computed by dividing net income by shares.
Gross margin
Gross margin is the difference between net sales and cost of sales divided by net sales. This represents the percentage of each dollar of a company’s revenue available after accounting for cost of goods sold.
Sequential change
Sequential change compares one period to the period immediately preceding it (e.g. Q1/10 compared to Q4/09).
Year-over-year change
Year-over-year change shows change over the corresponding time period of the previous year (e.g. Q3/08 compared to Q3/07).

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